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Xututlhtu | Planning Process

What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan is a road map for managing change and creating a better future.

Why are we doing one?

The Nation needs a Community Plan to ensure that decisions are true to the cultural heritage of the Nation and are suitable for future generations. The following diagram (left) represents the structure of the
Esquimalt Nation Community Plan.


At the core of the plan are the Natural Laws, which guide the Cycle of Life. These, in turn, inform the Plan, which will consist of a series of goals, objectives and policies covering topics of importance to the community.

These Natural Laws flow from the Sacred Trust, which defines the relationships between the Land, Water and Resources, the community and the people, and the Spiritual Path (See above diagram, right).

The linked tables illustrate some of the laws and how they have meaning for individual responsibility and the role of leadership.

Learn more on the Resources page.

Why now?

  • Remediation of the Cannery Site has started.
  • Soil testing of the Triangle Site has started.
  • Admirals Road entry access design has started.

What's in the Esquimalt Nation Community Plan?

Draft Plan Outline (Table of Contents)

This diagram shows which areas of the the Nation's reserve lands will be addressed.

This information will be updated as work on the Plan progresses.


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